Conflict Management Training Certificate



Conflict is inevitable, but combat is optional

Max Lucado

Conflict lies at the core of innovation

Emanual R Piore


Dealing with conflict is now a must-have life skill if you want to be confident in dealing calmly and effectively with your life and work-related issues.

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Conflict is now said to be a fact of life that we all experience at numerous times in our lives.  For some it’s more frequent than others.  One thing for sure, whether we try and avoid it or head in to it unprepared – it costs us dearly when we are caught up in the tensions of dealing with different people with different opinions and different goals.  If conflict is not handled well, the results can be widespread and damaging to individuals, teams and their organisations.

Skill-up and Prepare

With 10 years experience and over 10,000 hours of coaching thousands of clients,  I can reveal that one of the main reasons that people do not move forward in their personal and professional lives  is their fear of conflict and how uncomfortable and out of control it makes them feel.

It has been said that “every great story has drama and conflict – its the same with our lives”, these are every day skills for our every day lives.  What you can do to gain control  is be prepared for what might happen and  know how to respond to what does happen.  This is why we have designed this course – to give you confidence in you own ability to deal with conflict and if you are a coach, to facilitate  your clients ability to deal with conflict.   If you want to change how conflict normally ends for  you – come and join us on this course ”

– Maureen Hewitt, Master Coach, Course Director

Benefits of this Certificate


Conflict Coaching Certificate:

  • Brings the benefits of Coaching and Conflict Management together
  • It has wide application inside and outside of the workplace in personal and professional contexts
  • Helps view conflict as a necessary part of our everyday lives as in some cases it can facilitate growth and progress in relationships when resolved effectively
  • Is focused on skill and learning on how best to understand conflict, prepare for it and deal with it in an effective and successful way.



Evidence in Research

Published in August 2013 research in Harvard Business Review shows that the number ONE skill CEOs request coaching on is in fact Conflict Management. Read more here



What to Expect


Our Conflict Management Training is a structured one-to-one process to help clients manage conflict without the need of a third part.

It helps reduce the tensions and fear that is associated with conflict and is often experienced when even the thought of conflict arises. It prepares and equips clients in skills needed to manages conflict.

It develops long term benefits of building capability for individuals to handle and resolve disputes themselves and increases the chances of maintaining relationships.

Module Objectives

    • Identify and understand conflict coaching and how it differs from other kinds of coaching
    • Understand the theory ;  Different conflict styles
    • Do’s and Don’ts of Conflict Coaching
    • Explore different Conflict Management approaches
    • Conflict Coaching core skills
    • Analyse how conflict coaching differs with other alternative resolution methods
    • Get to grips with the Conflict Coaching process – start, middle and end
    • Learn skills and  tools to support the conflict coaching process
This new course runs on a regular basis throughout the year.

If you would like to be contacted for future dates please email or call 1890 253 134 / 01 805 7745

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Module Details

Who Coaches, Mediators, Negotiators and individuals helping to resolve dispute and conflict
Where Marino Institute of Education, Griffith Avenue, Dublin 9
When To be confirmed. Please contact us directly for future dates
Fees €585. Payment plan available
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