Get It Give it Cards

Have you got a Get It Give It card?

Whatever reason brought you here – you are WELCOME


The purpose of GET IT GIVE IT  is simple…

GET IT – Read the card,  allow the meaning for you to sink in. Enjoy!

If you like it  – GIVE IT

 to someone else to enjoy

Join the GET IT GIVE IT community

and contribute to the ripple effect

What GET IT GIVE IT card did you get?

Did you ever open a book on a page
and the right message is there waiting for you?
Just the right words to support you in that moment
– exactly what you needed

It seems to happen by chance. Is it serendipity?

We want to increase the opportunities
for that chance to happen
by connecting more people with  GET IT GIVE IT.
Statements that support, inspire and bring inner strength 


What’s your Role in GET IT GIVE IT?

Find  or receive a GET IT GIVE IT card
(They are many different cards
and they are left in locations all around the world)
Tell us what card you got and where you got it
Choose a person in your life and GIVE IT to them

Spread the joy!



Track the GET IT GIVE IT Ripple Effect

Belong to the GET IT GIVE IT community

Share the success.
Take photos of your GET IT GIVE IT story

Where did you find it?
What did it do for you?
Who did you pass it on to?

We will track the cards on the world map
giving every place they showed up to have a positive impact on someone’s life

Submit your photo

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