Group Facilitation Training

Join Maureen Hewitt, a well-known and highly respected Master Practitioner Coach and expert in the field of Group Facilitation and Coaching, for this practical road-tested group facilitation training. Maureen has over twenty years experience in making it easy for groups to learn, develop and succeed. This is a must-have programme for anyone who wants to deliver workshops, coach groups or facilitate teams.  You will look at concepts, theory, research and experience for yourselves how to make it work in groups. This programme awards a Certificate on completion and is delivered over six evenings. Course sizes are limited to ensure maximum levels of learning and transference of skills.

Learn the key concepts of Adult Learning, Curriculum Design and Group Dynamics whilst developing your confidence, knowledge and best practices. You will learn about what influences people behavior  and how you can prepare and respond to both the individuals and the groups effectively.  You get to learn the best tips and techniques for dealing with all the obstacles, foreseen and unforeseen events that can arise in groups.  You will gain clarity on how to lead and   manage groups and teams differently.  Most importantly it will give you the confidence to step in to groups  prepared to engage and respond to a professional and competent standard.

Group Coaching – Enabling and supporting individual development and growth in a group environment to arrive at personally owned responsibilities and actions

Team Facilitation – Bringing a team through their agenda to arrive at joint agreement and responsibilities for outcomes

Group coaching focuses on a group of individuals that  have different aims and objectives ,where team facilitation looks at groups that have a common aim and aligned objectives.

“Some people choose  to do this course because they have had  a bad experience either as an attendee or as a facilitator in group and team environments and they really need help in managing themselves in group situations more effectively.  Some attend because they have expertise and specialized knowledge to share with groups and they want to be ready to do so in the best way possible.  Some come because they know what they will experience and learn will help develop their confidence and skill set in their personal and professional lives.  What ever your reason – if  you need to work or engage in groups – this course will facilitate you doing it so much better “, Maureen Hewitt, Course Director


Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.Henry Ford

Module Benefits and Features

✓             Difference between Group Coaching and Team Facilitation

✓              Foundations of working with groups

✓              What is a Group Leader

✓              Core skills of group work

✓              Principles of GREAT group work

✓              Group Influencers

✓              Group Life Cycle

✓              Setting Group Goals

✓              Pre and Post group programme work

✓              Group work obstacles

✓              Group work logistics

✓              Group Questions

✓              Group Accountability

✓              Group Behaviours

✓              Group Think

✓              Group Coaching specifics

✓              Facilitating Teams specifics

Module Objectives

  • Understand, prepare and be effective in group coaching and team facilitation
  • Be prepared for the natural challenges that arise when you group humans together
  • Know how to create an environment that supports and enables the capitalisation of group intelligence for a given purpose

This course provides you with an opportunity to learn the skills, attitudes and behaviours required to do group coaching and team facilitation

Each delegate is given the opportunity to learn in a safe and secure environment.

Basic assumptions about attendees:

You have basic group presentation skills

You are comfortable in front of groups

You have knowledge in the subject matter you are facilitating

You can share stories to support learning

You can design a curriculum/agenda

This course means real practical skills. Learn more about it and how you could improve and enhance your work performance



Module Details

Who Anyone who wants to get the very best out of a group needs to do this course!
Where Marino Institute of Education, Griffith Avenue, Dublin 9
When To be confirmed. Please contact us directly for future dates
Fees Course fees €980.Payment plan available.
This popular workshop runs on a regular basis throughout the year.

If you would like to be contacted for future dates please email or call 1890 253 134 / 01 895 6820

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