Accredited Diploma in Executive and Life Coaching

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We specialise in life coaching courses and teaching people coaching skills. Since 2003 this highly successful course has enabled hundreds of students to make significant changes in their lives and helped them develop the skills and confidence to coach others to do the same. The Accredited Diploma in Executive & Life Coaching is a part-time course for those wishing to become a coach or to learn coach skills in order to improve their personal and professional effectiveness.

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Course Fees

Course fees are normally €2,950. Early registration discounts and special offers may apply. Group discounts for two or more may also be available.

Course fees are payable by a €250 deposit when registering and the balance payable at the start of the course OR payable in monthly installments over the duration of the course.

Installments can also be paid before the course starts in order to spread the cost over a longer period

QQI Level 6 Certificate

We are one of the first training providers in the country to be approved by QQI to offer the Level 6 Component Certificate in Professional Coaching Practice and Ethics.

There is no extra cost for this qualification

Funding Opportunities

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The PSG Accredited Diploma in Executive and Life Coaching Program was developed due to our commitment to developing successful individuals, managers and teams. We know that businesses and organisations with executives and managers who use coaching as a means for developing their employees will see significant bottom-line resultsMaureen Hewitt, Course Director and Principal Coach

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 Who should attend?

If you want any or all of these then this course may be just what you’re looking for…

  • To learn practitioner level coaching skills
  • To become a coach
  • Significant personal development
  • Work that is fulfilling and rewarding
  • To help others
  • To help yourself
  • To find something you have a passion for
  • A professional coaching qualification
  • A nationally and internationally recognised qualification
  • Experiential learning
  • Real-world case studies
  • The latest tools and techniques
  • Thirteen years of experience running this course
  • Comprehensive support

Whether you have an intention of becoming a professional coach or not, still DO THIS COURSE. The learnings can be applied to every aspect of your life and HELP you to create more MEANINGFUL relationships and a HAPPIER you. I would HIGHLY recommend it.Paula

The course leads to the following two qualifications:

  • The Accredited Diploma in Executive & Life Coaching

    A professional qualification which provides eligibility for membership of professional organisations such as the LBCAI (Life & Business Coaching Association of Ireland), the International Coaching Federation (ICF) or the AC (Association for Coaching) and to practise as a coach. (Note the ICF and AC also have additional criteria for membership including paid client coaching hours.)

  • The QQI Level 6 Component Certificate in Professional Coaching Practice and Ethics

    We are one of the first training providers in the country to be approved by QQI to run this course.


  • June 2017 – Weekends
  • Marino Institute, Dublin
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  • October 2017 – Weekends
  • River Lee Hotel, Cork
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  • October 2017 – 
    2 Courses –
    1 Course Wed/Thu
    1 Course Sat/Sun
  • Clayton Hotel, Galway
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  • October 2017
  • Marino Institute, Dublin
Large savings are available for early registrations

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Who is this course for?

  • People looking to set-up their own coaching practise as professional coaches
  • People developers, managers and leaders who want professional coaching skills and structure to enhance their behaviours and skill sets
  • Professionals who are involved in HR and talent management who wish to develop competencies to support their culture and their executives
  • Self-employed and business owners who want the confidence to apply coaching methods and skills to increase their levels of success
  • Coaches who want to coach better and who will benefit from experiencing and exploring new methods and models
  • Individuals who want develop themselves personally and realise how this enhances their life and career prospects.
  • Counsellors, career guidance, recruiters and those involved in helping others and shaping futures

Topics Covered

  • Executive Coaching
  • Seven Stage Coaching Model
  • The difference between coaching, consulting and counselling
  • Coaching skills; including – Listening (levels I, II & III), permission to speak, staying in the moment with the client, mirroring, reframing,responding, interrupting, summarising, clarifying, brainstorming, blurting, metaphors, powerful questions, open & closed
  • Belief systems (empowering & limiting)
  • Client Values
  • Tolerations and boundaries of coaching
  • Intuition in coaching
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Self management & motivation
  • Daily habits – how they influence how you feel
  • Setting & achieving goals (your own & your clients)

The content of the course was SUPERB and it flowed naturally. The content always kept me FULLY ENGAGED and challenged me to explore, REFLECT and challenge myself which I found EXTREMELY HELPFUL.Eileen Daly

The content was very CLEAR and well designed to cover the learning requirements, and it was STRUCTURED in a very organised fashion, making it EASY to navigate as a student.Bernadette


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