Maureen Hewitt

Maureen Hewitt.

Maureen Hewitt  is Serious About Success.  

Maureen is the principal coach at Positive Success Group (PSG) and is the lead designer and director on all PSG programmes.

As a Master Coach she  has given over 10,000 hours of Executive, Life and Business coaching and has trained thousands of professional coaches from all over the world. She launched PSG in 2003 and is also the founder of Emotional Intelligence Ireland which has evolved and taken new shape under the PSG banner.

Maureen’s approach to coaching starts at the very core of what success is all about.  She has a knack of putting her finger on exactly what is needed right here, right now without excuses and takes success very seriously, especially when its your success.

Her expertise lies in understanding the behaviors that underpin people’s ability to be fully actualized.

Whether in one-to-one  or group settings, you can not hide your potential, no matter how hard you try, there is no hiding place safe when it comes to your potential for success.

Since 2003 Maureen has built a highly desirable and enviable client list of C-suite executives, senior managers and businesses from around the globe. She is in demand across a huge variety of business sectors ranging from Telefonica, Eircom,  Zurich Insurance, PayPal, Zynga Games, RTE, Dell, HSE, LinkedIn to name a few. She works with a wide range of people – all the way from self-starters through to CEOs of Global organisations… and everyone in between.

Maureen’s purpose as a coach is to assist you to gain full awareness in order to bring full engagement to your personal and work life and help you navigate through the complexities that we sometimes call normal life.

I cannot put into words how grateful I am to you for what you have brought to my professional and personal life through your training and support. Coaching and more specifically, coaching with you, has changed everything for the better, forever!! I am feeling confident about the year ahead and although I knew professional fulfillment existed, I never knew it would feel like this. I have been in formal education for years but I have never felt as engaged, enthused and motivated as I have in your workshops and classes. You have been inspiring in your professionalism and expertise and I have so much confidence in you as a teacher and mentor. I really believe that has been the difference between just another course and hitting the jackpot. Coaching is fascinating but you brought it home and I will be forever grateful.
Programme Attendee, September 2015
“I am a huge fan of facilitation and love to learn from facilitators and for me Maureen is up there with the best of them. Her willingness to be the antagonist, to push people, to debate and challenge, to allow people opportunity for growth while not allowing procrastination and excuses is a gift. Her self-awareness coupled with her goal orientated methodology works really well and I feel that while it is her bringing herself to the work that makes it work so well, it is her ability to separate any personal agenda and stand for what she thinks and believes that makes her such a great teacher. That sounds like a paradox and in some ways it is, but for me the best teachers are the ones who care about their students learning and are willing to put aside any of their own ego or personal agenda in order for that to happen. I can genuinely say that Maureen is one of the best teachers I have ever met and someone I aspire to be like. “
Student of the Diploma Course, September 2015

How can you  engage with Maureen and benefit from her experience?

1/ One-to-One. Either in person or via Skype

One to One Coaching.  Dedicated and purposeful focus on  to you and your success

For details please contact Maureen directly at

2/ Serious About Success (SAS) Group Coaching Programme

Share the benefits of Maureen’s expertise and experience in a Group Coaching format. Benefit from the wisdom and support of the group.

You can bring what ever you need as a goal, or goals whether its personal or professional.

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