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“The path to greatness is along with others”
Baltasar Gracion

Being at the Top Of Your Game

as a coach can be a challenge.

It’s an even bigger challenge
if you’re doing it on your own

and without a support.

Next CPD Live Event for Premium Members
Topic: “Courageous Conversations”
Dublin – Tuesday, the 27th of June
2 CPD credits
Online Broadcast for All QCC Members
“Workplace Coaching – The Ripple Effect on People”
Tuesday, the 18th of July, 1 CPD

Welcome to our Quality Coaching Circle Membership (QCC)

What makes QCC different ?

QCC is the best way to gain quality CPD credits for coaches. It’s the only accredited Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Coaching Membership Programme in Ireland

QCC is Alive, it provides you with all the current thinking and articles you don’t have time to find for yourself as they become available

QCC is Open, it offers you live coaching conversations 24/7 through the QCC LinkedIn group

QCC is Enabling, it gives you monthly theme descriptors together with themed webinars and broadcasts to support your development and growth

QCC is Delivering, it facilitates new learning through online and live demonstrations and coaching practice at QCC monthly events

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Being a member of QCC ensures you’re never alone in your goal of being the best coach you can be

Connect to a world-class quality coaching community of like-minded coaches.
The QCC team and community are here to support and challenge you achieve the levels of success you desire as a coach.
QCC works because it is based not only on decades of real coaching experience but also on a deep understanding of what it takes to be a successful coach and maintain the momentum in an every changing complex world.

If you want ongoing support and growth as a quality coach then this is what you need:

  • You need to be professional, relevant and take your coaching to the next level
  • You need to continue to grow as a coach, earn CPD points and have access to regular facilitated practice experiences
  • You need to enhance your current skill set by having a safe place to practice and network with other like-minded coaches
  • You need to be a part of a group that is as passionate and motivated about quality coaching as you are
  • You need access to thought leadership around coaching that will educate, support and contribute to your growth and learning
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This is where QCC comes in

As a direct response to meeting these needs, we bring you
accredited CPD


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Monthly online live broadcast – in depth exploration of a coaching topic. Opportunity for sharing and discussing the application of the latest learnings. Worth 1 CPD credit.
Face to face live events. Earn 2 CPD points per month and build your confidence in best practice coaching, including the ICF competencies.

Thought leadership in the areas of coaching, people development, leadership, business and adult behaviour

Being in a diverse network of fellow coaches/practitioners

The benefits you 

get as a member

of QCC

Get your coaching engine running


Regular online support with access to articles, videos, group discussions and shared insights

Your questions answered during monthly online
“Ask the expert” Q & A sessions

Individual and group support for implementing change. Personal, professional and career growth.


With a proven track record in developing successful quality coaches, whether it’s a newcomer to coaching or bringing an existing coach up to the quality professional standard, we bring quality to all things coaching.

Our Quality Coaching Circles (QCC) provide you with everything you need to stay at the top of your game as a coach.

Accredited CPD Quality Coaching Circle Membership is designed to advance your learning and growth as a coach.

Each QCC CPD meeting supports the PSG quality learning agenda working on        knowing, doing and being  and the 11  ICF Competencies

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Ready to JOIN?

QCC has two types of membership


This membership is open to:

  • international community of professionals
  • those with interest in personal development, coaching, current thinking and leadership
  • those who have a serious interest in developing quality coaching skills
  • those who want the benefits of ONLINE membership

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More topics Online + accredited CPD meetings attendance is open to:

  • those who have a qualification relevant to coaching
  • those who have a people development qualification
  • those who have a serious interest in developing quality coaching skills
  • those who want the benefits of ONLINE membership + more

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Online Membership Join Already a member? Premium Membership Join
Monthly online Q&A sessions 
What to do and What to avoid
24/7 access to QCC online resources, tips and tools
Access to the online QCC community
Access to thought leadership around coaching and adult behaviour, including EI and NLP
Attendance at monthly online live broadcasts, worth 1 CPD credit
Access to monthly themed webinars
Earn 2 accredited CPD points per month by attending QCC live event
Face to face access with highly experienced and accredited coach facilitators
Triad coaching practice sessions in Ireland designed to build confidence in best practice coaching
Access to expert advice
Co-Active competencies skills discussion and exercises
ICF Core competencies. Practice and demonstrations
Immediate support and feedback on your skills level if desired
Group support and access to a diverse coaching network

€ 9.99

0.33 cents a day

Monthly Membership Fee


0.83 cents a day

Special Offer on Premium Membership

3 months + 1 month free

(Please note that with the Special offer you become a Premium member and your Premium membership, as with all the memberships, will automatically continue, so the next subscription at the normal Premium rate will be due after the first 4 months. If you ever need to change membership level or cancel your subscription please see the details in the Terms and Conditions. Always available here)

At QCC our vision is to make a real difference to the quality of coaching world-wide through the support and growth of quality coaches.  We know that belonging to QCC is the very best way to stay on top of your game as a coach.

Whether you work for yourself as a coach, within an organisation, or you wish to start your own coaching practice, membership to this programme will give you the support, learning space and supervised practice you need to establish yourself as a confident, powerful, quality coach.

QCC is perfect for busy people who see the value in continual professional development and want easy access to tools, inspirational features and expert coaches.  

QCC is founded and run
by Positive Success Group (PSG)

We are an established accredited learning and development company, offering the following

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