Accredited Advanced Diploma
in Coaching with Neuroscience


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End of Sep 2022 (Early-bird discount of €1000 available now)

One Weekend (Sat/Sun) 10am – 3pm per module per month 

Designed with over 20 years of experience in Coaching and Training for aspiring individuals who want the highest quality qualification that they can apply immediately with confidence.

Experience learning from coaches who are not only master trainers but are leading high impact executive, business and life coaches with a global client list. This course has a multidisciplinary dimension of human behavior, science and neuroscience.

You will learn through a dynamic engagement experience with a blended learning mix of virtual content, tele-classes and tele-lectures. Your learning process includes in-depth theory and knowledge share, recorded resources for deepening your understand, practice and feedback from tutors, peers, mentors and supervisors plus interactive class room engagement with peers.

This course assumes little or no prior coaching knowledge and takes you to an Advanced Practitioner level.

If time or budget doesn’t allow you to attend then take the Practitioner Diploma and then upgrade to the Advanced Diploma with the shorter Advanced Upgrade course at a later date


Understand more about our courses on Coaching with Neuroscience and what it offers you in terms of Accreditation, applied experience, qualification and recognition in the Global marketplace

The following two courses will be discussed

1) Advanced Practitioner in Coaching with Neuroscience

2) Practitioner Diploma in Coaching with Neuroscience

Learn more about coaching in this FREE hour, experience for yourself the power of neuroscience and walk away with tips on how to manage yourself, others and your environment better.

Unlike other events you may find on offer, our events guarantee no obligation to sign up to any of our courses from this event. We are now the longest established and successful provider of Accredited Coaching Qualifications powered by Neuroscience. Our events and courses are open to International Students

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Advanced Diploma in Coaching with Neuroscience


Venue Online
Dates September 24th 2022 to March 12th 2023
Fees Normal price €4450. Deposit of €250 required to secure a place. Early-Bird discount before 20th August of €950 Interest-free payment plan available
Overview 8 Modules fully online, part-time over 7 months
Awarded WACN WIN-Pro accredited qualification on successful completion
Course Faculty:

Globally recognised skilled master trainers and coaches, leading ground-breaking pioneers of coaching with neuroscience. Advisors, Mentors and Supervisors and developers of coaches to the highest level.

Delivery includes sharing research and findings of the latest and most relevant topics that serve the current and future evolution of coaching with neuroscience.


Benefit from Live online classroom learning PLUS the most advanced online learning resource space filled with all the resources you need
Personal Learning Space offering you 24/7 ease of accessibility, full engagement to support your learning style and personal progress tracking
Lock-In Learning points with support Tools and Resources
Master Facilitator/Tutor Support/Mentorship and Coaching support
Accredited by the World Association of Coaching with Neuroscience (WACN) On graduation you  can choose to become a member of ICF, AC or EMCC by following their membership path.
Globally Accredited Academic Curriculum enabling you step in to Coaching with the highest quality of knowledge, practice and confidence
Access to Award Winning Webinars, Podcast Interviews, Lectures and Conversations with Global Industry Experts
Access to a Global Coaching Community for Professional Development (QCPD)
Access to Coaching with Neuroscience thought leadership CPD group
Demonstration sessions that are both LIVE and recorded
Recorded resource support from world leading neuroscience experts
Virtual Shared Group Training Tools
Strengths Coaching, Growth and Fixed Mindset, Neuroscience for Performance, Conversational Intelligence, Adaptive Intelligence, Relationship Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Polyvagal Theory, Personal Effectiveness, Effective Communication, PRIME, SURE and CARE neuroperformance models.

Each attendee will also have the benefit of taking a personal EI assessment report to support their development


Course fees are normally €4,450. Early registration discounts and special offers may apply. Group discounts for two or more may also be available.

Course fees are payable by a €250 deposit when registering and the balance payable at the start of the course OR payable in monthly instalments over the duration of the course.

Instalments can also be paid before the course starts in order to spread the cost over a longer period.

  • Course Dates - Autumn 2022, End of September Start

  • Content Release* – Each module content will be released before class dates to give you plenty of time to absorbed at your own pace and can be viewed/reviewed subsequently as and when you choose.

    Classes and lectures are live

    If you’re unable to attend certain dates let us know as we may have other options available.

    Course Overview Dates Times
    Pre-Course Prepare and Prime Thur 22nd Sept 7pm – 7:30pm
    Module 1
    Prerecorded Content Release*
    TeleLecture Sept 24th  10am – 3pm
    TeleClass Sept 25th 10am – 3pm
    Module 2
    Prerecorded Content Release*
    TeleLecture October 8th 10pm – 3pm
    TeleClass October 9th  10pm – 3pm
    Module 3
    Prerecorded Content Release*
    TeleLecture November 19th 10pm – 3pm
    TeleClass November 20th 10pm – 3pm
    Module 4
    Prerecorded Content Release*
    TeleLecture December 10th 10pm – 3pm
    TeleClass December 11th  10pm – 3pm
    Module 5
    Prerecorded Content Release*
    TeleLecture January 7th 10pm – 3pm
    TeleClass January 8th 10pm – 3pm
    Module 6
    Prerecorded Content Release*
    TeleLecture January 28th 10pm – 3pm
    TeleClass January 29th 10pm – 3pm
    Module 7
    Prerecorded Content Release*
    TeleLecture February 18th 10pm – 3pm
    TeleClass February 19th 10pm – 3pm
    Module 8  
    Class and Graduation March 11th/12th  10pm – 2pm