Confidence Training Workshop

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What would you do if you were more confident?

  • How different would your life be?
  • What actions would you take that seem too big right now?
  • What would you like most about your confident self?
  • What success would you achieve?

We are all confident… to a degree, in some situations and/or with some people. When asked, we often say that it’s not enough. We look for more.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could depend on a consistent level of confidence the majority of the time?

Confidence needs a solid foundation. It’s there if our self- awareness and effective thinking support it. There is a simple habit that you can develop to build this foundation and enjoy a consistent sense of confidence, exactly when you need it.


Who This workshop is for you if you want to feel more confident in your everyday life. You will learn to better understand yourself, your responses and reactions. You’ll discover the most effective way of developing personal confidence for you and design actions that will bring results.
Where Dublin: The Central Hotel, Exchequer Street, Dublin 2
When Dublin
Evening workshop at 6:30pm – 9:30pm
Morning workshop at 10am – 1pm
Fees There are several different workshops to choose from – attend others as well or come along with a friend to save money

1 Workshop – €40
2 Workshops – €70
3 Workshops – €100
4 workshops – €130

This popular workshop runs on a regular basis throughout the year.If you would like to be contacted for future dates please contact us.


1890 253 134 / 01 805 7745

Places are limited so please call us today to ensure your place.

What Will I Learn

  1. Understand where true confidence comes from
  2. How to achieve a more consistent sense of personal confidence
  3. Simple and effective success strategies for every day Confidence
  4. To better understand yourself and your relationships
  5. New habits and how to introduce them into your daily routine
  6. A sense of empowerment and motivation for a daily Confidence practice


  • You will understand clearly what you need, to develop confidence that is not conditional on circumstances or the behaviour of others
  • You will have clarity on your current levels of confidence and a vision for a future
  • You will use reliable, personal strategies relevant to you, so you can, not only present confident behaviors outside but also feel truly confident inside
  • You will start designing and building your internal foundation of success