Emotional Intelligence

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Our business is dedicated to improving personal and organisational performance. As recognised Emotional Intelligence industry experts, we provide Emotional Intelligence assessments, training, coaching and consultancy.

Making Sense of Your Success

Originally coined by two US psychologists, Peter Salovey and John Mayers, Emotional Intelligence refers to a learned ability to perceive, understand and express our feelings accurately and to control our emotions so that they work for us, not against us. Studies have shown it is a combination of particular personal and interpersonal skills that makes the difference.

A pioneer study undertaken by Manila University in association with Reuven BarOn, the designer of the EQ-i, the first scientifically validated Emotional Quotient (EQ) test, showed that EQ accounted for 27% of the job success of front line bank employees, whereas IQ scores were shown to account for less than 6%.

Emotional Intelligence is a different way of being smart

According to Daniel Goleman, author of the most influential books on Emotional Intelligence, emotional intelligence becomes more and more important as people progress up the career ladder in their organisations. He estimates that in jobs in general it is twice as important for outstanding ability as technical skill and cognitive ability combined, but in leadership jobs four times as important.

People who are able to be adaptable, to feel and project self-confidence and to be internally motivated are vital at the head of organisations.

Option 1


  • EQ-i V2.0 Resource Report
  • Online Assessment
  • Your own copy of the report
  • 15 minute telephone feedback

Option 2


  • EQ-i V2.0 Resource Report
  • Online Assessment
  • Your own copy of the report
  • A 45 minute coaching session

Option 3


  • EQ-i V2.0 Resource Report
  • Online Assessment
  • Your own copy of the report
  • Two 60 minute coaching sessions
  • Focus on personal effectiveness and communication skills
  • One session to review findings and the second to create your personal development action plan for the future

Option 4


  • EQ-i Executive Leadership Report
  • Online Assessment
  • Your own copy of the report
  • A two hour personal masterclass
  • Focus on the four dimensions of effective leadership
  • Review findings and receive insight into your leadership strengths and build effective strategies for development

Why do we need it right now?

  • Rising stress levels
  • Greater need for self awareness and self management
  • Change and Chaos – a regular feature in our lives
  • Mid-career crisis – jobs for life are a thing of the past
  • Talent Retention – people move jobs to get away from people – need high EI bosses
  • Customers who expect more and want it now
  • Jobs interviews seeking evidence of Who you are and what EI skills you have
  • Personal performance – lack of sustained high performance
  • Global marketplace – increased competition and information overload
  • Company changes – downsizing, restructuring and delayering
  • Research and evidence showing that IQ + EQ = SUCCESS
  • Managing pressure is part and parcel of work and can help keep us feel challenged and motivated. When we can’t manage the pressure this can lead to stress, which undermines performance, is costly to employers and can make people ill.

How will I benefit?

  • Do you want to know what you are best suited for in the work place?
  • Do you want to balance out your technical skills with emotional intelligence skills?
  • Are you frustrated because you keep being overlooked for promotions?
  • Are you interested in improving your level of personal development?

An Online Assessment with telephone feedback is the perfect solution for individuals or groups who want to create a professional development program that is customized for their needs. Our experts provide a full service of consulting and coaching that can target the areas of greatest need and provide specific strategies for increasing levels of achievement.