Accredited Practitioner Diploma in Coaching with Neuroscience


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Part time course starting early February 2021

A full engagement experience with a blended learning mix of virtual content, tele-classes and tele-lectures

This course assumes little or no prior coaching knowledge and takes you to a Practitioner level

We also offer an Advanced Diploma – again no prior coaching knowledge is required. It is also possible to upgrade to the Advanced Diploma with the shorter Advanced Upgrade course at a later date


You are very welcome to attend one of our next Open Evenings.  This is an opportunity to find out more about the benefits of learning advanced coaching skills with a professional qualification from Positive Success Group.

Find out more about the Practitioner Diploma in Coaching with Neuroscience, about coaching and about us.

Venue Online
Dates Tuesday, 15th December
Time 7.30pm – 8.30pm
Fees Free

Accredited Practitioner Diploma in Coaching with Neuroscience

  • Become a Professional Practitioner Coach – that could be as an Executive and Life Coach, Spiritual Coach, Career Coach or whatever type of coach you choose to be.
  • Significant personal development and learn to Self-Coach
  • Up-skill and enhance your existing roles, e.g counselors, therapists, HR, team leaders, managers
  • Have an additional or alternative income stream
  • A professionally recognised qualification
“Attend if you love people or want to help you understand yourself and people more. You will make a positive difference and continue to do so if you keep up the learning.” S. MURPHY - TEACHER
“The content covered enabled our learning – the course was broken down nicely into manageable and reasonable projects and students gained confidence in coaching skills with each weekend session.” KAREN WILLIS - COACH
"I would like to comment on the support that Positive Success Group offer to all their past students. The networking events that they arrange where we come together to bounce ideas off each other, pitch our business and courses, present our new ideas, express our worries, sport common obstacles, share solutions… It is very instrumental to success particularly for small and new businesses such as mine that need as much exposure as possible" M. KELLY. BUSINESS OWNER
"In terms of career, the course inspired me to help others seeing what it did for me personally. Maureen Hewitt and her team are exceptionally professional and expert coaches and therefore they prepare their students to the same high standards. All of the above has prepared me to become a confident coach and to create a Coaching business that has found its niche and is growing rapidly" A. CATARECHA. BUSINESS OWNER
“Whether you have an intention of becoming a professional coach or not, still do this course. The learnings can be applied to every aspect of your life and help you to create more meaningful relationships and a happier you. I would highly recommend it.” EILEEN DALY - DISABILITY SUPPORT OFFICER
"When I signed up for the diploma in executive & life coaching, I missed the fine print of personal development! What a journey, three years on and it continues to add value" JAZZ KELLEHER - GROUP KEY ACCOUNT CAPABILITIES MANAGER


Venue Online
Dates Spring 2021 Course – Start February and complete August 2021
Fees Normal price €2950. Deposit of €250 required to secure a place. Discounts may be available, Interest-free payment plan. Possible funding for Jobseekers and those on other benefits
Overview Part time over 7 months
Spring 2021 course – Fully online
Next Steps to Success Online Event
National Graduation Event


Professional Coaching Practice
Access to Recorded Coaching Demonstrations
Lock-In Learning Tools and Resources
Master Facilitator/Tutor Support
Expertly informed by World Leaders in Neuroscience and Human Behaviour
Globally Accredited Academic Programme
Access to Award Winning Webinars, Podcast Interviews, Lectures and Conversations with Global Industry Experts
Access to a Global Coaching Community for Professional Development (QCPD)
Access to 6 years of QCPD Thought Leadership Resource Library
Active and Transformative Learning Experience
Closed Digital Community Support Space
Virtual Shared Group Training Tools
Introduction to Emotional Intelligence, Personal Effectiveness, Effective Communication

Course Dates – 2021

Content Release* – The content will be released on these dates below and can be viewed/reviewed subsequently as and when you choose.

If you’re unable to attend certain dates let us know as we may have other options available.

Course Overview Dates Times
Prepare and Prime Thursday, 4th February 7pm – 8pm
Module 1 Prerecorded Content Release* Saturday, 6th February 8am
TeleLecture – Choose Morning or Afternoon Saturday, 13th February 8.30am – 1pm or 1.30pm – 6pm
TeleClass Thursday, 25th February 7pm – 9pm
Module 2 Prerecorded Content Release* Saturday, 6th March 8am
TeleLecture Saturday, 13th March 8.30am – 1pm or 1.30pm – 6pm
TeleClass Thursday, 25th March 7pm – 9pm
Module 3 Prerecorded Content Release* Saturday, 3rd April 8am
TeleLecture – Choose Morning or Afternoon Saturday, 10th April 8.30am – 1pm or 1.30pm – 6pm
TeleClass Thursday, 22nd April 7pm – 9pm
Module 4 Prerecorded Content Release* Thursday, 22nd April 8am
TeleLecture – Choose Morning or Afternoon Saturday, 15th May 8.30am – 1pm or 1.30pm – 6pm
TeleClass Thursday, 27th May 7pm – 9pm
Module 5 Prerecorded Content Release* Saturday, 29th May 8am
TeleLecture – Choose Morning or Afternoon Saturday, 12th June 8.30am – 1pm or 1.30pm to 6pm
TeleClass Thursday, 24th June 7pm – 9pm
Module 6 Prerecorded Content Release* Saturday, 3rd July 8am
TeleLecture – Choose Morning or Afternoon Saturday, 17th July 8.30am – 1pm or 1.30pm – 6pm
TeleClass Thursday, 29th July 7pm – 9pm
Module 7 Next Steps to Success Thursday, 12th August 7pm – 9.30pm
National Graduation TBC

Course Fees

Course fees are normally €2,950. Early registration discounts and special offers may apply. Group discounts for two or more may also be available.

Course fees are payable by a €250 deposit when registering and the balance payable at the start of the course OR payable in monthly installments over the duration of the course.

Installments can also be paid before the course starts in order to spread the cost over a longer period.

Funding Opportunities

Up to €500 off – in addition to any discount.

Jobseekers and those on other benefits please contact us for details.

Jobseekers grant temporarily increased to €1000