Life Coaching Courses

Executive and Life Coaching Courses

Our speciality is developing and running practitioner coaching courses. If you want to learn how to use coaching skills to develop yourself or others then these courses are for you. That may be in the areas of life coaching, executive coaching, career coaching or some other form of coaching.

The aim of these courses is for our students to gain first-rate practitioner-level coaching skills and also confidence in their abilities. Since 2003, these extremely successful courses have enabled hundreds of students to generate positive changes in their lives and provided them with the skills and confidence needed to coach others to do the same.

We offer two practitioner courses, the Practitioner Diploma in Coaching with Neuroscience and the Advanced Diploma in Coaching with Neuroscience

Both courses require no prior knowledge of coaching and will take you to a level where you can practise effectively as quality coaches. The Diploma will take you to a practitioner level and the Advanced Diploma to an advanced practitioner level. Either part-time course would be suitable for those wishing to become a coach or to learn coaching skills in order to improve their personal and professional effectiveness. After successfully completing the course you may set-up as an Executive Coach, Life Coach, Career Coach or whichever type of coaching you want to offer.

There is an upgrade path available from the Practitioner Diploma to the Advanced Diploma if you wish to upgrade at a later stage.

Both courses are accredited by the WACN. (World Association of Coaching with Neuroscience) This is the a leading edge organisation devoted to promoting and developing coaching beyond it’s traditional style. You can choose to join other professional organisations such as the International Coaching Federation (ICF) or the AC (Association for Coaching).

Note the ICF and AC also have additional criteria for membership including a number of paid client coaching hours. This would need to be built up after qualifying.

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Special Offers

June Start – Dates Available Soon

Accredited Practitioner Diploma in Coaching with Neuroscience

Summer Course – €700 Discount for the Practitioner Coaching Diploma

Accredited Advanced Diploma in Coaching with Neuroscience

Summer Course – €700 Discount for the Advanced Coaching Diploma

Why attend?

  • Developing and running executive and life coaching courses since 2003
  • Recognised by international coaching organisations
  • Courses run 3 times per year starting in February, June and October
  • Course are part-time
  • Payment flexibility. Spread the cost over 7 or more monthly instalments
  • Experiential learning – learn by doing. You will learn the theory but most of all you will learn how to coach – both yourself and others
  • Top quality facilitators who are also qualified coaches
  • The course is continually updated with the latest practices, tools, techniques and concepts
  • Comprehensive support during and after the course
  • Training progression – Advanced modules to attend after if want to continue your learning
  • Gain transferable life-long skills
  • Multiple locations allow for flexibility around attendance
  • Membership of QCPD. Our programme for continuing development for coaches. Online resources, online and live events

Topics Covered

  • Executive Coaching
  • Seven Stage Coaching Model
  • The difference between coaching, consulting and counselling
  • Coaching skills including – Listening (levels I, II & III), permission to speak, staying in the moment with the client, mirroring, reframing,responding, interrupting, summarising, clarifying, brainstorming, blurting, metaphors, powerful questions, open & closed
  • Belief systems (empowering & limiting)
  • Client Values
  • Tolerations and boundaries of coaching
  • Intuition in coaching
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Self management & motivation
  • Daily habits – how they influence how you feel
  • Setting & achieving goals (your own & your clients)