Maureen Hewitt

Maureen Hewitt

Founder of Positive Success Group 2003

Founder of Emotional Intelligence Ireland 2005

Founder of Quality Coaching Circles ( CPD for Coaches Globally) 2015

Co-Founder of WACN – Worldwide Association of Coaching with Neuroscience 2017

Master Coach and leading expert in High-Impact Coaching with Neuroscience, Emotional Intelligence and Lasting Workplace Change

“My style of Coaching offers an optimal learning and growth space for career professionals that is safe, dynamic and impactful always leading to new skills and behaviours that strengthen performance.”

Maureen is one of the most trusted and sought after executive and leadership coaches for behavioural and business change in the global market place.

Maureen is CEO, and holds the position of Principal Coach and Master Trainer at Positive Success Group (PSG) as well as being the Academic Director on all PSG programmes including the Advanced Coaching with Neuroscience Diploma run at Trinity College Dublin.

Maureen leads the PSG panel of professional coaches and mentors which partners with businesses to provide quality sustained behavioural changes.

As a Master WIN Coach, Maureen has given over 10,000 hours of Executive Leadership and Business coaching and has trained thousands of professional coaches from all over the globe.

She founded and launched PSG in 2003, is the founder of Emotional Intelligence Ireland, which she evolved under the PSG banner and is also the founding member of the Quality Coaching Circle (QCC) which is the premium digital platform for Quality Coaching CPD. Maureen recently co-founded the WACN the first association to advance coaching to coaching with neuroscience.

Maureen regularly hosts converstations with world human behaviour experts, most recently with Professor Luke O’Neill at Marino Institute of Education and Dr. John Demartini at Trinity College Dublin.

Maureen adopts a multicultural and humanistic approach to coaching and people development.

Her passion for human-behavior, coupled with her knowledge and expertise around business and technology, equips her to be the enabler for innovation and relevant change in this digitally focused world.

Since 2003 Maureen has built a highly desirable and enviable client list of C-suite executives, directors, senior managers and businesses from around the globe. Her coaching and thought leadership is in demand across a wide variety of business sectors including  Stripe, Facebook, Intercom, Irish Stock Exchange, LinkedIn, Telefonica, Verizon, Eircom,  Zurich Insurance, PayPal, Zynga Games, RTE, Dell, HSE to name a few.

She works with a wide range of people – all the way from self-starters through to CEOs of Global organisations… and everyone in between.

Maureen’s purpose as a coach is to assist you in gaining high-definition self-awareness in order to develop new thinking and behaviours to bring the full and best version of yourself to your professional and personal life. Her coaching will enable you navigate through the complexities and challenges of change to make the most meaninful and inspired impact possible for you.

Maureen has developed and offers practical and proven methods to build quality coaching transformational experiences.

She has developed a deeper method of coaching for use called ‘PSG Intentional Coaching’ which brings a more evolved  neurobiology approach cultivating more purpose, presence and performance than traditional coaching.

Many of these have been adopted and copied by successful leaders, managers and coaches, and cascaded through organisations

  • One-to-one customised leadership coaching to ensure sustained long-term positive behavioural change
  • Head/Heart Values to drive a people strategy for culture transformation
  • Positive-Mental-Strength change agents for holistic and mindful wellness
  • Maureen’s unique ‘DIVE-IN’ model for re-launching in to the digital market place
  • Facilitation and group coaching of leadership teams through EI and Neuroscience exercises
  • The unique ‘SURE’ model for leadership engagement and impact
  • Changing beliefs and behaviours to ensure the right attitude to leverage talent

Maureen Hewitt:  Purpose as a coach –  Grow People to Grow Business, developing behaviour to meet potential

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