Organisational Consultancy

Positive Success Group

Positive Success Group are behavioural coaching, leadership and team development specialists. Over the past few years, the value of coaching has become increasingly accepted.

Many Fortune 500 companies now have a better understanding of the role that coaching can play in fast-tracking leadership development and organizational growth.

An organisational coaching engagement is always tailored to the specific needs and context of the organisation. The engagement may draw on elements of individual coaching, team coaching, formal management development, facilitated process or facilitation.

Working with PSG has always been a good experience. PSG are very flexible in their approach and ensure they understand our key requirements before embarking on any intervention. The approach taken is always open and honest and this fits with our Values within our organisation HEAD OF TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT, EIRCOM
Course/Workshop design and delivery: All material is adopted to meet the needs of the audience while ensuring that the overall objectives are achieved. The approach to collating all the information is collaborative and consulting, this ensures that all areas are reviewed in advance of any final decisions. The delivery with PSG, is fun, interactive and creates a really safe, learning environment for individuals and executives of all levels. There is a real sense of authenticity and a genuine interest to learn more about the business and goals in order to provide the right level of service HEAD OF HUMAN RESOURCES, ZURICH LIFE

We consult and partner in the following:

  • Corporate Leaders
  • Executive Coaching
  • Creating a Coaching Culture
  • Aligning behaviours to Company Values
  • Talent Management
  • Assessing Sense of Success with Emotional Intelligence
  • Curriculum development and course design
  • Business education aligned to business needs
  • Organisational Coaching Engagements

Some of the clients who have success from our service include:


Value centered culture connect is a holistic process which develops organisational purpose, refines strategy and creates a compelling connection between each individual and the organisation’s strategy in a value driven way.


A PSG Executive Coaching engagement provides you an additional resource that helps you uncover the best approaches within your unique environment. As a guide towards the best decisions, an executive coach is your individual and relevant personal support as you grow your managerial capability and effectiveness.


The PSG Team Building Business Facilitation is used to develop decision making, creative collaboration, team work and strategic thinking within management teams.


Develop a rigorous and independent view of your personal or organisational leadership competencies through our on-line scientifically validated assessment. Ensure the balance of skills and behaviours within your business is fine tuned to support your strategy and your customers. We provide a coaching approach learning and development plan tailored to create balance and best results


We work with the boards and executive management teams of companies to craft the shortest and most secure path to improving organisational performance and achieving their purpose.


Identifying and nurturing your talent requires you to be highly perceptive, adaptable and tuned in to business needs. We bring the skills and objectivity to notice, nurture and develop for business needs and succession planning.

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