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Certificate in Wellness Coaching with Neuroscience

Most people when they reality test their level of health and wellness say there is a gap between where they aspire to be on a daily basis and the reality of where their actual wellbeing is in their lives. 

Considering the challenges faced every day, wellness has become a much higher priority. As coaches we can add resources that helps us manage clients better.  As a coach understanding and having the tools to address wellness with our clients either as a full agenda or as part of an overall professional or personal agenda, will give us a crucial edge in getting our clients the results they want. A high degree of wellbeing, adds to our performance and therefore positively impacts our results and ability to adapt to everyday events that could have sabotaged success in the past.

This core Certificate in Wellness Coaching with Neuroscience will allow you bridge that gap with your clients enabling higher levels of satisfaction and fulfillment and a sense of whole system wellbeing.

This 2 day Coaching programme will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the supporting neuroscience theory. What neuroscience is revealing to us is that we all have within our control smart biological cells that inherently choose ease over disease. What has gotten in the way is an over reliance on quick chemical fixes. Our job as a coach is to help our clients find strategies that enable them to return to and support their ‘natural state’ of being. With the right knowledge and support, we can all be alchemists within our own human systems, and have access to a lot more control over our whole system wellbeing than we may have been taught to believe. It is aim of this course to educate how coaching can lead the way for most people toward finding wellness solutions, despite perceived external or internal challenges. Coaching for wellness involves creating a free flow of energy, consistently resourced from a healthy internal production of balanced neurochemistry and supported by daily healthy habits that reinforce a free flowing of coherent effectively functioning systems.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you lead people through stress or contribute to it?
  • Are you aware of how your whole-system functions – and does it currently enable or disable your wellbeing?
  • Do you understand how energy flows and what blocks your energy?
  • Are you clear about the intelligences within each human that can be accessed to resource more wellness from within?

If you need answers to the above questions – then this course will definitely be for you

Course Structure

Day 1

  • Core Neuroscience for understanding wholesystem and the future of wellness.
  • Building Whole system Awareness Coaching Guide for Confident Practitioners
  • The Growth, Rest Repair model for Coaching Wellness Coaching with Neuroscience
  • Neurobiology of beliefs and the science of getting ahead of how we think, act and feel.
  • Self-Regulating Strategies for Wellness-Enhanced Epigenetics
  • The 5 Step Coaching model and case studies

Day 2

  • Understanding stress, and how to create adaptive intelligences to support wellness
  • Priming for a ‘Peak State’ performance
  • Building mental strength, Emotional agility, and Resilience
  • Understanding Neuroplasticity, Bio-plasticity in order to create whole-system integration
  • Interrelated Neurobiology for social wellness.
  • Creating vitality by balancing your inner perceptions.


Where DUBLIN. Marino Institute of Education, Griffith Avenue, Dublin 9.
When Weekend of October 5th and 6th, 2019
10am to 5pm both days
Fees €585. Fees may be paid in installments.
This course is now closed for registrations. Please contact us to be kept informed of next year’s dates

This popular workshop runs on a regular basis throughout the year.If you would like to be contacted for future dates please contact us.


1890 253 134 / 01 805 7745

Places are limited so please book now to ensure your place.

Who Should Attend

  • Individuals
  • Coaches
  • HR Professionals
  • People Developers
  • Counselors
  • Therapists
  • Anyone involved in supporting the well being and wellness of others

Your Benefits

This core certificate has been developed by the PSG expert faculty whose specialist areas include : Executive Coaching and Workplace coaching, Neuroperformance , Neuroleadership, Nutritional Therapy, Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, Philosophy, Neuroscience, Sociology, and many more.

When you choose this Certificate in Wellness Coaching with Neuroscience you are being informed by the best. PSG courses attract like-minded people who are motivated about their own development and the development and success of others.

As a Wellness Coach with Neuroscience, you will be able to work with your clients to help them regain and strengthen their control over their whole-system. You will be able to help them take a Neurobiological approach to creating healthy lifestyle habits that consider their unique individual needs, personal priorities and goals.